Save a life… Adopt!

Thousands of lost, abandoned and stray animals are put to sleep every year. If you’re looking for a faithful, lifelong animal companion, please consider adopting… you’ll be helping to save a life. Or if you know someone looking for a pet, please send them our way!

Thinking of owning a pet? Read this first!

Unable to keep your pet?

Don’t Dump. Rehome!

Need to give up your pet for adoption? Whatever the reason, LostPaws is here to help you rehome your pet. Please take a moment to read though the resources on the right to ensure your pet goes to a good home. Abandoned domestic animals stand a poor chance of survival and often suffer accidents, starvation and sickness, and many get put down. Do the right thing and find your pet a good home with a responsible owner.

If you’re having difficulties with your pet’s behaviour, click here for resources to help you manage your pet. It might be a happy ending for all!

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