HDB Approved Dog Breeds

HDB Regulation (Page Extract from SPCA website) New rules and changes in keeping a dog (from AVA). To find out more, click here. AVA assists the HDB in ensuring that dog licences are only issued to dogs that qualify to be kept in HDB premises. HDB apartments are allowed only one


Read this before deciding to get a pet!

Courtesy of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. For more information, visit www.ava.gov.sg. Often, lack of knowledge is the reason for the irresponsible behaviour of some pet owners. For instance, many people who buy pets on impulse do not consider the responsibilities that come with owning a pet. When reality

Adopting a pet

Courtesy of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. For more information, visit www.ava.gov.sg. Give a homeless animal a second chance. Consider adopting a homeless animal from an animal welfare organization or from someone fostering a pet, instead of running down to the nearest pet shop. Whether you want a puppy or

Sterilising Your Pet

Courtesy of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. For more information, visit www.ava.gov.sg. Surgical sterilisation of pets is important to prevented unwanted litters. Often, pet owners find themselves in a situation when they so not know what to do with their pet’s newborn litter. Attempts to find homes for their pets’

Top Ten Training Tips for New Puppy Owners

Ready … Set … Train! Most dog owners would love a well-trained pooch. To achieve this, it is best to start the training while your dog is still a puppy and much more malleable. This will mean fewer accidents for you to clean up, multiple pairs of shoes that won’t

Pet photography tips: Using your mobile phone

When you have a pet up for adoption or found a missing cat or dog, one of the first few things you should do is to take a picture of it for an adoption or lost pet notice. Chances are, the camera most readily available would be the one on

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping

I don’t like it when dogs jump on me. I can’t tell you why it bothers me so much, it just does. Interestingly, nuisance jumping is a common complaint from owners as well. Most often, dogs are jumping for attention. Dogs who are overly anxious, such as those with separation

Exercising with Your Dog 101

Do you feel guilty that your pet doesn’t get enough time with you? It’s a trap that happens to most of us, but one that can be easily remedied. Here are some guidelines for enriching your pet’s life and health through exercise. Why Exercising Your Dog Makes Sense Big or

Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Chocolate – it is often listed as one of our many favourite foods, well, at least for some of us that is. However, it contains a particular substance that is toxic to animals. Toxicity or poisoning is usually common in dogs than in cats and other animals. This is because most dogs

Healthy Snack Ideas: ‘People’ Food for Dogs and Cats

Pets Like Healthy Snacks Too – Even Vegetables Like buying candy for kids, we often think snacks that have been specially packaged for pets are the best treats in the world. Why would they want anything other than a tasty treat? But, a lot of those packaged pet snacks and

Example questions to ask potential adopters

General questions: Are you aware of and prepared to assume the financial and physical responsibilities of caring for this animal? Including but not limited to: vaccinations, regular veterinary care and check-ups, appropriate quality food, time and attention. Is everyone in the household agreeable to adopting this animal? Have you had any pets before?


Infographic: Community Cats in Singapore

Check out this great infographic by talented designer Merwyn on community cats in Singapore. www.mervv.com