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    Do you have room in your hearts and homes for an older dog?

    Meet this four girls, pretty young, around the ages of 2-4 years, pretty healthy, (one of them is currently sick now), and lots of love to give...

    All this four girls have the same story, they were forcefully taken out of their compound due to the land clearing.. Their feeder had only been feeding them for a few months, haven't even fully gained their trust when AVA was there to catch.. She had no choice but to pay to bail the dogs out. Because of space constraint, they are currently placed in a shelter...

    Imagine, a carefree dog with the whole world at their feet, in a split second, freedom lost and confined to a 'jail cell'. Slowly they got used to human trust and learnt how to walk on a leash...

    But what they want is a warm bed to sleep in at night, lots of people pampering them. An owner to wag their tail at when he/she comes home, can you give them a chance?

    Top left hand corner: Meet Tangtang, she is around 3 years perhaps? She is currently battling a heartworm now and at the vet. She might need a foster home, a quiet place for her to rest so that she can finish her treatment... Can you give her that? Laidback dog, she gets along with other dogs and humans too.

    Bottom left: Meet Lucy, she is a happy-go-lucky, super friendly to humans kind of dog... She is older, maybe around 3-4 years old? She is healthy and would like to be the only dog at home, she will give it a try though if you already have a doggy companion at home.. It was hard to take a nice shot of her because she kept wanting to come near us.

    Top right: Meet Teh-Si.. She is miss-photogenic. Loves to be in front of the camera and smiled really brightly.. People friendly, dog friendly, well, what's bad about her? Maybe her name.. not so creative of us...

    Bottom right: Teh-O. She is Teh-Si sister.. The shyer one of the lot. Well she is slightly taller looking than her sister and also need people to spend more time with her to gain her trust.. They are around 2 years..

    Give them a home if you are looking for an older dog, no more puppy-biting nonsense, loyalty definitely. They are also fuss-free and easier to take care of.. Well, maybe you need more time to bond with them, but the time spent will definitely be very worth it. So spare a few minutes, look at their picture, fall in love with them and give us a call because all dogs deserve a loving home, no matter what their ages are.

    97659951. Do call and also if you like a particular dog do quote their name.
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    Tangtang, Teh-Si, Teh-O and Lucy
    Local breed
    • HDB Approved
    • Vaccinated
    • Spayed/Neutered

    : 97659951