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    Dory was the first in her litter to open her eyes. Perhaps she was not quite prepared for what she saw... Because she was born with the most comical grumpy expression on her face!

    Dory is a confident, friendly and healthy puppy looking for a home. She is one of the two pups in the litter with a light coloured coat.

    We are hoping naming her after Nemo's optimistic best friend Dory will help her see the best in life. And that when life throws you lemons, you just gotta keep on swimmin'.

    Tell me something about Dory, I threw the question to our bunch of regular volunteers.

    We all have different interactions with our dogs and I was curious what they saw of our little girl.

    "This little girl whines if she trails behind when out for a walk with her siblings. But she does fine alone!"

    "If she likes you, she"ll jump around you to ask for a hug."

    "If you give her sister Diva treats and forget about her, she'll not be too pleased!"

    "She responds to her name! Will walk towards me when I call her.... If she isn't gazing longingly at the feeding table!"

    "From the way she sniffs the ground and grass, it is clear she is beginning to enjoy her walks..."

    "After her spaying procedure, she looked like she just completed her 42km run. She was so tired..."

    With everyone's input, do you get a better idea of the dog that this little girl is growing up to become?

    She is intelligent, curious, loving and look at her... She is also beautiful.

    Dory was born 17 March 2013 and is up for adoption. She is fully vaccinated and is sterilized.

    If you are looking to inject a little joy in your life, please give a thought to adopting Dory.

    And just to help you through this day, we leave you with a quote from Dory's namesake. Nemo's friend, Dory the fish loves to say...

    "When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do?

    Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming.
    Just keep swimming."

    Genuine responsible dog lovers 21 years old and above are welcomed to apply.
    Gentle Paws is a not-for-profit shelter run by a group of dog lovers and aided along by kind donors out there. It is our hope that Gentle Paws can be a safe haven for strays, abandoned pets and former breeding dogs. email us at [email protected]
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