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    Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to look through this ad.

    I have a 5 month old kitten by the name of Shadow for adoption. He is the most playful, inquisitive, and manja kitten I have ever come across.

    2 months ago, I picked him up from SPCA, intent on giving him the most loving home possible. But I just received the news that I will be posted to KL for work last week.

    I have tried to enquire about bringing Shadow over with me, but the apartment provided by the company, which I will be sharing with other colleagues is strictly no pet policy.

    I hope to find someone who can give this bundle of joy the love and attention that he deserves.

    A little more about Shadow: he loves to play. He'll chase anything from a laser pointer to a fallen plastic bag, often entertaining himself when he knows you're not available. It's super funny and cute to watch him tumble over himself as he goes full "ninja hunter" mode.

    Shadow gets along absolutely fantastic with kids. He's patient, and will spend lots of time playing with them. He's great with other cats too!

    Shadow is not a picky eater, although he definitely likes his wet food and treats ;)

    Shadow will do his best to sleep with you, squirming into your blankets, and curling up with you. He's a total purr machine, and purrs for such a long time, it's totally precious.

    Shadow is due for his nuetering on the 12 of February at SPCA. The costs have already been handled, so all you need to do is bring him down.

    Shadow would be great for families with lots of time together, and who have lots of love to share with him.

    He takes some time to warm up, but treats and cuddles make short work, and you'll have an amazing ball of love going everywhere with you soon.

    I am not asking for an adoption fee. I simply ask that you keep me updated with his life with you. It would mean the world to me to know he is living life to the fullest with his new family.

    If you can look past his exterior of black fur and know that it's what's inside that counts, plus you would like to welcome Shadow into your home, please do reach out and let me know.
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