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    Hi, and thank you for taking the time to go through this ad. I am the owner of Miru. A Siamese x Scottish fold cat about 1 and half years old.

    2 weeks ago, I received news that I will be relocated to KL for work and the apartment that I will be staying at is strictly no pets policy.

    Miru is a sweet and gentle soul, who doesn't need a lot from you. He is 1.5 years old, neutered, and is due for a follow up vaccine in early February. He is on regular anti flea and tick treatments, and is in the pink of health.

    Miru is a cat who won't bother you, and would be great for someone with a busy schedule. He keeps himself occupied with toys, and never scratches anything that he shouldn't. He will come to you for treats, and will attempt to steal your blanket on cold nights.

    Miru loves the occasional play session, and he loves butt scratches.

    I have another kitten, Shadow up for adoption on another ad on gumtree. If you can take both, I am willing to gift you their litter robot and cat tower.

    I am not asking for an adoption fee, but I do want to know that they have gone to good homes, and I need you to be comfortable with sending photos and videos.

    Miru is my first cat love. My first baby. So he means the world and more to me. I will insist on photos at least, so if you cannot do that for me, please do not reply to this ad.

    If you think you can give Miru the love he deserves, please reach out to me. I will do the necessary vetting before letting him and Shadow go (either as individuals, or together).

    Thanks again, and sorry if you find my request for photos and videos too much.

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    Rachel Chong


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