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    I got a female hamster from a pet store a while ago and apparently it was pregnant. I can’t take care of too many of them so I’m looking for people who are interested in adopting them( especially if u have experience with them )

    NO FEES it’s free, but do think twice. If u r not the responsible type of person pls do not adopt on impulse. Hamsters do require a certain amount of care. U need to prepare a nice cage/tank for it too with a wheel + water bottle + food + sand baths + and more

    The babies(3 of them) are currently 2 weeks old (born on 1/1/2018) 2 of them should be ready for adoption around 21/1/18 onwards( might change )

    The adult hamster is also up for adoption since I’m only aiming to keep one hamster( possibly one of the baby ones ).

    Feel free to ask for more details and pictures!
    Thank you and have a nice day~

    pictures available at
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    wang zichen

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