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    This is a lost dog I found and have yet to be reclaim after 3 months of ads on newspaper and social media. The dog is 8 years old female, white and is a Maltese cross. Vet's office said she's an expensive breed but due to old age, she has cataracts on both eyes.

    She has a very mild temper and is well trained. She is also a good watch-dog. She loves eating vegetables and is slightly over-weight when we found her. She's really adorable and we would have gladly kept her if we didn't have to travel for very long periods and could not afford boarding.

    She is not active or destructive and doesn't bite at all and is very sweet. She also loves being rub and pet on her head and licks our calves whenever she wants attention. She is timid with other animals and not aggressive. She is such a joy and I hope I can re-home her to a good family preferably with a vet's recommendation.

    Her teeth is bad but we are doing a scaling for her this week and blood works to ascertain that she is healthy before handing her over to the next fortunate loving family.
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    Yiling Lepcha


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    Cross breed
    • Vaccinated
    • Spayed/Neutered
    • Pet is house trained

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