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    We would like to give up our dog for adoption after having taken care of him for 6 years due to family issues. Pipiboy has psychological issues that we are unable to resolve and we feel that he may need a new environment that he can get better in.

    We adopted Pipiboy as a 2yo from a PRC student couple in 2012 as they moved back to China after completing their studies here. The feedback given to us was that he had NEVER ever been let out of their rented house since birth. We immediately noticed that he had very strong territorial issue at home, constantly barking furiously at neighbours and always on alert for noises and etc.

    But the moment we took him out for walks, he would become a different dog altogether and become nervous, agitated and trembling. He would be fearful of all noises and straining at the leash and wanting to run away. He cannot be unleashed as he will run away.

    Over the years, we have tried taking care of him to the best of our ability, through my wife's pregnancy, moving overseas, work and study etc but he has not been able to improve. In spite of my wife's allergies to his fur, we still tried to take care of him. After 6 years, we are giving up. The behavioural issues and ill discipline and barking have become too much for us to deal with.

    For myself, i have been bitten a few times by him at home, mostly due to his psychological fear issues, usually due to innocuous incidents, such as trying to feed him or touching him accidentally in a sensitive area. For myself, I will admit that i have fallen out of love with him and am not willing to take care of him anymore beyond his basic needs of food, water, rest and showering.

    When he is not acting up, he can be the cutest dog in the world. He will cuddle with you, lick your hand and be affectionate, but because of his pyscho issues, he will always be on high alert for loud noises or strangers.

    I do not wish for him to be put down due to his issues, therefore I am not thinking of sending him to SPCA. I just hope for someone who is very experienced with dogs, able to train him and take care of him and provide him with a suitable environment to live in.
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